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Materials by the Creation Guy John Mackay and Global Team. Scroll down for Books, MP4 Videos, MP3 Audios and Witness T-shirts.
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SERIES 2. More fabulous photos, exciting experiments, from the Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark showing ‘time destroys, process creates’. Eliminates evolutionist’s millions of years. Challenging discussions for students. 40 pages full colour. (Old earth, young earth, six days) Suits Teens/Adults

Author John Mackay, takes us round the planet using evidence photos he and his colleagues have taken worldwide. You will love the locations, and the short sharp conversational style. It’s as if John was in the room chatting with you, as he focuses your mind on the challenges of real research. Introduces our UK Geologist Joseph Hubbard. It’s conversational – challenging – to the point – and sometimes provocative! The global snapshot style ensures you don’t just learn what to think, but how to think. (Young Earth, 6 Days, Noah’s Flood, Word Wide Evidence). It is a young world after all!
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ITZAK The STAR BOYThe Creator came for Christmas
Our Hero Itzak (Starboy) was a teenager in Nazareth just before Jesus was born. His father grew fruit and veg, and as farmers did in those days, they planted their crops by a star calendar. Itzak loved to watch the stars, and one night he spotted a new one. What did it mean? Join Itzak and his sister Esther as they discover fascinating Astronomy clues, exciting Bible and History facts, leading to a thrilling meeting at Bethlehem. But with who? A great gospel challenge for kids and parents alike.

Enjoy the fascinating and often humorous adventures of ltzak and Esther, whose journey some 2000 years ago leads us through an Israel ruled by Pagan Romans who had no idea a Saviour would soon be born. Fabulous characters and great artwork. Size A4, full gloss colour, 60 pages. Suits ages 10 +.
AUTHOR CREATION GUY John Mackay is international Director of Creation Research and has a passion for making the Gospel of Christ understandable for all ages. His other best selling children’s books below are designed to make the Bible’s fact-based faith come alive for family and kids

Land of FIRE and ICE – Climate Change – The Bible – Iceland. A climate change documentary from Creation Research and Maiden Films featuring Joseph Hubbard in Iceland.

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August 2019 – students, activists and reporters gathered on the summit of a dormant volcano in central Iceland. Their reason? A funeral for a glacier which wasn’t even there 1000 years ago! Yet on it’s 700th birthday, it was officially declared extinct, with man-made climate change and global warming loudly blamed for its destruction.

September 2020 – Creation Research’s ‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard went to Iceland to uncover the truth – and film it! Climate change? Extinction Rebellion? Man-made global warming? Where does the evidence lead? What does the Bible have to do with it?

A great on-location adventure documentary from Creation Research where you can join Indiana Joe as he explores Iceland’s climate past, its fossils, volcanoes and glaciers – the full story of fire and ice! Get a Biblical perspective on climate, and gain a glimpse into the awesome power of a global flood as you experience geysirs and glaciers!

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NEW BIBLICAL HISTORY / ARCHAEOLOGY BOOK BY JOHN OSGOOD: Great resource for in depth readers, “They Speak with One Voice” is groundbreaking research bringing together the work of many of modern history’s most brilliant scholars, and demonstrating the historicity and reliability of the Biblical texts in relation to archaeology.
(Available Australia Only at present). 390 pages, fully indexed. 

Creation Research is a Christian ministry, funded by gifts of God’s people proclaiming Christ as Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Lord and Judge.

Creation Research exists to seek evidence for the Biblical account of Creation, Noah’s Flood, Tower of Babel and related subjects. We investigate and promote such evidence in order to glorify Christ and build His church. Become part of the Creation Research Support Team Worldwide and help spread God’s Word about God’s World by purchasing our Books, T-shirts, through your gifts and your prayers. DONATE NOW 


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Showing 1–12 of 107 results