In the days when the JUDGES RULED by John Osgood

ln this fascinating work, Dr Osgood shows how the Judges period of ancient history has become marginalised in the thinking of Biblical archaeologists, and a sense of vagueness and legendary status pervades much literature on this subject. However, a very clear historical and archaeological picture emerges when we take the Bible at face value, and its chronology literally. Whether examining the dates for Jericho’s destruction or the rise of the Philistine nation, we see from Old Testament records and archaeology how accepting the Bible’s history brings together the puzzle of ancient times.

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During his years as a qualified medical practitioner Dr John Osgood (left) has extensively studied the history of ancient civilizations and is convinced the Biblical records provide our only reliable framework for explaining mankind’s past. John’s desire is to show that the Bible’s presentation of history can be trusted and indeed lines up with evidence from archaeology.