The STAR BOY – Creator came for Christmas

Our Hero Itzak (Starboy) was a teenager in Nazareth just before Jesus was born. His father grew fruit and veg, and as farmers did in those days, they planted their crops by a star calendar. Itzak loved to watch the stars, and one night he spotted a new one. What did it mean? Join Itzak and his sister Esther as they discover fascinating Astronomy clues, exciting Bible and History facts, leading to a thrilling meeting at Bethlehem. A great gospel challenge for kids and parents alike.


Enjoy the fascinating and often humorous adventures of ltzak and Esther, whose journey some 2000 years ago leads us through an Israel ruled by Pagan Romans who had no idea a Saviour would soon be born. Fabulous characters and great artwork. Size A4, full gloss colour, 60 pages. Suits ages 10 +.
AUTHOR CREATION GUY John Mackay is international Director of Creation Research and has a passion for making the Gospel of Christ understandable for all ages. His other best selling children’s books below are designed to make the Bible’s fact-based faith come alive for family and kids.