Support Joseph and Sarah by this Way Overpriced Deal ($200)


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Web order in advance 4 BOOKS $200 a set Post Free 

Why spend thousands flying to England to see the exciting evidence of Noah’s Flood, when you can do the trip in Joseph Hubbard’s first 4 books? And with the money you save on airfares, you can pay way more then normal for these books, with all the extra going to support Joseph and his new wife Sarah as they minister for Creation Research in the UK.

These new 4 UK Fossil Field Guides will normally sell for only $10 each, but we are specially charging $100 a set (or more if you want). Deal includes a special Cardno-Toon done for Joseph and Sarah-Ann’s September 12 wedding, plus a signed “Pray and support us” photograph. Each book is signed by Joseph.

Way overpriced for sure because our purpose is to provide a nice wedding gift for this young couple as they start life and ministry together. Take this opportunity today to pay more than ever so we can bless this young couple. Don’t wait – spend your money now. This way overpriced opportunity won’t come your way again soon. Only 50 sets available in Australia.