‘Tites, ‘Mites and Fossil Fights!


SERIES 2. More fabulous photos, exciting experiments, from the Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark showing ‘time destroys, process creates’. Eliminates evolutionist’s millions of years. Challenging discussions for students. 44 pages full colour. (Young Earth, 6 Days, Noah’s Flood, World Wide Evidence) suits Teens/Adults

Author John Mackay, takes us round the planet using evidence photos he and his colleagues have taken worldwide. You will love the locations, and the short sharp conversational style. It’s as if John was in the room chatting with you, as he focuses your mind on the challenges of real research. Introduces our UK Geologist Joseph Hubbard. It’s conversational – challenging – to the point – and sometimes provocative! The global snapshot style ensures you don’t just learn what to think, but how to think. It is a young world after all! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS BOOK.