Walking with Jesus through Genesis


Wonderful apologetic devotional. Encouraging faith building from Genesis to John.  As you walk through Genesis with Jesus, you will be blessed abundantly by the Word of God who was there and gave us the written word of God to open our eyes to His greatness and saving grace. Teens / Adult. Read GREAT REVIEWS.

Author John Mackay International Director of Creation Research. He researches and teaches globally on the evidence God’s Word is true from the very beginning, as well as debating many renowned academics.

Jesus quoted from the book of Genesis as real history when He taught. Today, many compromise the plain teaching of God’s Word about the beginning, often because they are scared of appearing ‘foolish’ in the world’s eyes. Yet in seeking to combine ‘God’ with modern evolutionary opinion, all they achieve is to replace the truth of God’s Word with a lie. This very helpful study guide from John Mackay enables you to ‘walk with Jesus’ from the beginning, and discover the crucial and wonderful truths that underpin God’s Word.