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Solid MP3 Biblical Teaching only $5.00 each from the Creation Guy John Mackay. Timely and Topical from Genesis to Revelation.
 Price and postage shown is for AUSTRALIA ONLY

“The Prophet – Muhammad or Jesus?” An exciting look at Moses prophecy in Deuteronomy 18 concerning the coming of “a prophet like Moses” claimed by Islamics to be Muhammad.

A new and challenging look at the Biblical account of Noah, the brilliant engineer who solved the many problems sceptics raise about the Ark. How could Noah build a huge ark of wood when modern engineers tell us it would fall apart? Plus, how did Australian desert trees survive the flood? What did they read on the Ark? What happened when the heavens fell down for 40 days and 40 nights, and how does it affect you and I? Noah was a man of faith, a prophet against unrighteousness in his world and ours. ADD TO CART 

Our popular 6 part series now available for download. An excellent resource for parents, teachers, home schoolers and the church to use in teaching the truth of God’s Word.
Includes: • Part 1 Aboriginal Stories on Creation,  • Part 2 Teaching Creation in the Classroom,  • Part 3 The Limitations of Science,
• Part 4 Deductive Creationism,  • Part 5 Creation vs Evolution,  • Part 6 Creator Sustainer, Saviour, Lord and Judge. ADD TO CART 

Our popular 9 part series covers hours of exciting facts, humour, and Bible teaching on Gods World and God’s Word.
Includes: • Part 1 The abundant Evidence of Creation,  • Part 2 Creation Does Matter,  • Part 3 The Fossil Facts,  • Part 4 Proving Creation,
Part 5 What about the Races and the Ape Men?,  • Part 6 Creation Facts and Bias,  • Part 7 The creation of Music and Evolution of Rock and Roll,
Part 8 What about the Ice Ages?,  • Part 9 Geology and Creation. ADD TO CART 

The six days of Creation, and the salvation achieved at Calvary are intimately related. Yet the average church doesn’t know it. Christianity Explained and the Alpha Course don’t even make the connection. ADD TO CART 

The teacher begged us to come to the Public High School – she said the students hid from Christianity behind Discovery Channel Evolution – but none of them were satisfied by it.

Why didn’t Adam die when he sinned? Why did God reject Cain’s offering and accept Abel’s? Why did they make an offering? Why couldn’t Christ have been strangled? Why did Jesus have to shed blood? ADD TO CART 

A rare copy of John Mackay’s first sermon has been found!  Be amazed at the God given accuracy of the predictions about homosexuality and other moral slides that have since happened in the west as you hear the first of the later famous relevance messages John Mackay and Ken Ham would preach around the world. ADD TO CART 

Fossil rain drops show it, Fossil Sharks show it, Fossil man shows it, Genesis records it. The world has changed but it hasn’t evolved – it’s gone the other way and the best is yet to come – a new heavens and earth. An exciting look at all the evidence the history of the world has been exactly as the Bible records. ADD TO CART 

Not the tinselled trees, but the lowly manger – the real Christ was born to be Saviour. Why did God do it that way – How did the wise men know – why a star – what star – why Nazareth and Egypt? One of our most popular Bible studies is now available as an MP3. In the season of presents – His presence is the one you need. Comes with a free study outline.

Who is the Creator God? What is He like and what does He desire? How can you know Him? An in-depth look by John Mackay at the wonderful and awesome character of Christ the Creator as revealed in the Bible and through the creation around us. ADD TO CART 

Many people today think that worship is music.  BUT – worship is anything that declares the worth-ship of our Creator and Saviour.  Join John Mackay as we go from Genesis to Revelation and look at true worship as revealed in the Scriptures.  You will be challenged and provoked by this in-depth Bible study as we declare the worth of our Creator/Saviour.

On Monday we began to pray for the $10,000 needed for Creation Research. On Tuesday night the phone rang and a brother who knew nothing of this need informed us he would be sending $10,000. The secret of success in the Christian’s life is prayer. Not talking about God or merely talking to God but talking with God. Many of God’s people fail because they never learn how to pray. Work with us through this message and learn how to pray so you might see the Creator God answer your prayers. ADD TO CART 

A fascinating look at the first day ever made. The one in Genesis 1:1-5 that is basic to John 1:1-5. Discover why we can rejoice in the day the Lord made because it was the first day of the very first week, and on that day God had already prepared a wonderful plan of Salvation. A vital look at the significance of the Lord’s Day in Christian practice and the difference between the 7th day Sabbath and the first day of the week. You’ll find this an exciting blessing. ADD TO CART 

The Bible tells us if we are going to speak, we must speak as the authoritative Word of God. Unfortunately, many Bible Colleges and Churches that label themselves as “Bible Believing”, tell people that what they believe about Genesis is “up to them”.  Search the Scriptures with John Mackay as we study this important topic. ADD TO CART 

This MP3 for children is designed to be both humourous, Biblically sound, and educational. This CD covers “Man in the Image of God” – a hilarious look at the differences between men and monkeys, apes and gorillas. ADD TO CART 


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