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Great Bible Teaching MP4’s, timely and topical only $12.00 each – defeating evolutionists and proving creation – showing God’s Word is true from the very beginning. Price and postage shown is for AUSTRALIA ONLY

A 1 hour illustrated video which helps you trace all family trees to the various people groups that left the tower of Babel. Traces all races through the Bible from Adam to the present world, following any biblical hints about their skin colour and other racial features. ADD TO CARTWhile on his first visit Down Under, Joseph Hubbard got to speak to some Aussie crowds.


Filmed live on his recent downunder visit, Joseph shares a refreshing message of truth about the Creator Christ and how we can know Him. Discover how the Bible’s accounts of history – from the world’s creation and Noah’s Flood, through to the present time – confirms that Christ is indeed Creator and Lord. How we can all combat the world’s lies of millions of years of pagan evolution presented as science!  ADD TO CART

Why 666? In the last days, prophesies Peter, man will scoff at creation, the flood & Christ’s return. You are watching this prophecy come to pass. When will the world end? Noah’s experience is the clue.  ADD TO CART 

Learn how to get rid of the world’s evolutionary view and see things through the Mind of Christ the Creator, who was there. Details events of the first 6 days of the earth’s history as recorded in the Bible, the geological implications, and the evidence of creation. Filmed at the Isle of Wight Dino Dig for Families, UK. ADD TO CART

Filmed on location around the world. See the evidence all human races come from the one man God made.

The Real Stone-Age: History Reveals Evolution’s Lies by Dr John Osgood
Dr John Osgood takes you on an exciting historical journey from Babel onwards – sharing how the Bible’s record of history fits perfectly with what archaeologists find. Was there a ‘stone-age’? Were there really cave-men? Is there evidence that man evolved upwards from using stone tools to more sophisticated technologies? You’ll be fascinated as Dr Osgood discusses the evidence which reveals the truth about mankind’s past.

Sodomy and Gomorrah: God’s Word on Homosexuality by John Mackay
Sodomy and Gormorrah is a great Bible Study on what happened at Sodom. Were the inhabitants destroyed because they were inhospitable, as many theologians teach, or was it because God judged their homosexuality? Find out along with the latest information about the H Gene and what good news God’s Word has for the Homosexual, on the great Bible teaching Video led by Creation Research Director John Mackay. ADD TO CART 

A stunning look at the Nature of God seen in His creation. See the evidence Christ the real Creator is a Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit. ADD TO CART

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