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Great MP4 Topics, defeating evolutionists and proving creation only $12.00 each – showing God’s Word is true from the very beginning.
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BIG Al Gore was in Queensland June 2019 at huge taxpayer’s expense, so you will love the upgraded, updated climate facts on climate fraud, as we look at man’s heresies and God’s truth on the weather. Our first 2 in this climate series were our biggest selling lecture DVDs we ever did. Now the enemy of Christ as Creator is renewing the attack … don’t be caught out. Get this teaching truth telling MP4. 

From Australia’s most experienced speaker on creation and climate change The Creation Guy John Mackay
Starts where our previous two best selling climate DVDs finished.

What does Islam say about global warming? Is man causing global warming? Is it global warming, climate change, or tax revenue? What was the weather like at creation? What has been its history since then? What effect did Noah’s flood have? What role does God have in weather? Does the Bible speak about future global warming? Does it matter if Polar Bears become extinct? A big picture of the world’s weather from the Word of the Creator who was there – not the theories of men who weren’t! Join world leader on Creation Research, John Mackay, as he looks at God’s world and God’s word and shows you the evidence from rocks and records. ADD TO CART 

The Sea, The Sun, The Ice, The Toll, The Tax, The Truth. God’s Role: Man’s Responsibility. Creation Research world leader John Mackay, takes you on an exciting journey around the globe uncovering the data on climate change: is it dilemma or delusion? What part does God play in the weather? Further compelling evidence gathered since the first Climate Change video. ADD TO CART

Part 1 – 31mins  –  Part 2 – 44min
Aussie Footballer Folau got the boot because of a media post he made on God’s judgement on homosexuals, as well as gluttons and liars, adulterers and atheists. Now you can learn from this right up to date study on the deliberate push to lie about homophobia, gender confusion, discrimination and the rainbow crowd. This is a must have MP4 so you can learn how to deal with this vital and very current issues through a two-part Bible study taken by leading Creation Researcher John Mackay filmed in May 2019 in Melbourne Australia. Great updates on Creation Research included. ADD TO CART

This video is an exciting and very important new addition to our range, and one that really needs widespread study in this age of free and easy morals and “tolerance”. Join John Mackay for this complete Biblical look at a vital subject.
• What about Homosexual Bishops?
• Why did God invent sex?
• Can a Christian be homosexual?
• How to deal with Lesbian Preachers
• Proving it’s a sin of choice (Senior High School +) ADD TO CART

An extremely challenging look at God’s creation of the family. This in-depth look at love and marriage, covers how it functions, how to make it work, how a man can be head of the house, and how a wife can enjoy submission. This subject has been amongst our most popular family seminars for 20 years. Invaluable for those getting married, for marriage counsellors, those already married, and even those whom God has called to be single. 1 Hour lecture by John Mackay.ADD TO CART

Have you ever met a well published scientist who: Qualified as a world expert on modern catastrophic flood deposits. Discovered evidence in rocks of a much bigger flood… Then found his science colleagues wouldn’t admit to any global flood, regardless of the of the evidence. In this powerful interview, meet a man who did not want to find there was a real God. Despite having never read the Bible, he came to see undeniable evidence of a catastrophic global flood. Now he’s a Christian and how it happened is an exciting miracle and confirmation that God’s Word is true from beginning to end. The rocks truly cry out the praises of Christ as Creator and Saviour. The Video interview is amazing! Video 50 Mins. Suit Ages 10 and above. ADD TO CART 


Have you ever found yourself ‘tongue-tied’ when it comes to dealing with clever evolutionists? Join John Mackay as he gives you answers and methods to expose their fallacies and defend the Creator. Rated G, 50 Mins SUITABLE Teens and above. ADD TO CART 

In a year when the world will spend billions celebrating the 200th birthday of the man who said “I am sorry to have to inform you that I do not believe in the Bible as a divine revelation, and therefore not in Jesus Christ as the son of God” (Charles Darwin, November 1880).

Released in 2009 to coincide with global celebrations for the 200th anniversary since Darwin’s birth, Darwin on the Rocks equips you with the evidence God’s Word is true from the beginning. Join John Mackay as he travels the globe collecting the evidence from Creation to the fall, to the flood and beyond. A bestseller. ADD TO CART