Did Noah Take Me On The Ark? Reviews

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SANDY says: “Cute, but very informative book for all ages. I say “all”  because you have information that adults will  learn as they have fun reading the book to their children or grandchildren. Your new book provokes our minds to ponder things we have never considered: such as a whale shedding its skin (what would that look like? Does it change color? etc.). This book is cute, interesting, informative & educational, a great “sit down & read” book with a loving parent and thought-provoking for a curious mind. As I read, I can hear your voice with your wonderful and warm Aussie accent. ” Sacramento USA.

Melody writes: “John’s style is very engaging and conversational. I feel like I’m listening to him speaking when I read that book.” Melody Price Victoria

Dr Diane Eager: “It’s Great. I love it!” Canberra