Walking with Jesus through Genesis

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Wonderful apologetic devotional. Encouraging faith building from Genesis to John.  As you walk through Genesis with Jesus, you will be blessed abundantly by the Word of God who was there and gave us the written word of God to open our eyes to His greatness and saving grace. Teens / Adult


Author Steve Stranghoener USA: “Excellent!. I love the approach of tying the OT (specifically Genesis) and NT together with Christ as the thread. It’s all one book … the Bible is God’s complete revelation. This is a marvellous journey with the Incarnate Word walking us through God’s verbally inspired, inerrant word in the Holy Bible.”

Mum Sandy Yarborough USA: “I am so grateful that you wrote this “awesome” devotional. I don’t think I have ever seen a bible study like this. I totally love it and I want to bathe in its truths.”

Lutheran Pastor: Peter Geyer Australia: “This will be a great blessing and teaching resource in our churches!”

Theologian Dr Peter Barber Canada: “I really enjoyed the jumping-off point in Luke 24, which is a great starting point for what you’re doing. The connections and implications you draw out between John 1 and Genesis 1, and other Scriptures, are wonderful. I think it’s a great idea for a book, and I’ve personally not read anything quite like it. I appreciate you taking on both theologians and scientists who demote Scripture from its rightful position of ultimate authority, and I love your pointing out how God always acts with purpose, even to the days He chose to be in the ‘belly of the earth'”.

Scientist Dr Glen Wilson USA: “I was surprised by the approach as I thought you were preparing a bible study focused on creation, but I love that you are using the creation account to focus on the gospel. I really love it.”

Plumber: David Hollawaty Australia. “What a great book! I am looking forward to using it in Sunday School and giving it out as gifts.”

Scientist Aneesh Karunkaran Australia. This is wonderful.