Walking with Jesus through Genesis Reviews

This book has exciting reviews on how wonderfully devotional and encouraging it is to anybody’s faith. As you walk through Genesis with Jesus, you will be blessed abundantly by the Word of God who was there and gave us the written word of God to open our eyes to His greatness and saving grace. Get your copy of this book.

Author John Mackay International Director of Creation Research. He researches and teaches globally on the evidence God’s Word is true from the very beginning, as well as debating many renowned academics.

Review of Walking with Jesus through Genesis by Dr Lance Box, Missionary – Educator NT Australia October 2020.

I have dipped delightedly into this devotional study on Genesis to John , and been very impressed with what I read from Author John Mackay. Clearly this is Volume 1, and future volumes will make very important contributions towards creating the mind of Christ in the hearts of the readers.

What you write John is the truth that will set us free It should come as no surprise to you that I personally find it very difficult to discuss these Genesis matters in “polite Christian company”. I wrote in my journal this morning: “If we are not called to the obedience of the Faith, then we are safe to have just enough Christianity to avoid hell, but not so much as to be identified as a fanatic.” Actually, I think that idea is a lot of piffle and nonsense. Jesus lived the normal Christian life, so anything less is sub-normal. The Apostles aspired to live the normal Christian life (though not perfect), yet most modern Christians would have called them both radicals extroverts and bringers of shame upon the name of Christ, if they lived today. Imagine the whispers and comments behind their backs: “They insist we have to obey God!’ did you hear them say; “yes it says a six day creation so get to it .believe t and .obey Jesus the Creator now. GO pray preach practise!”- Can you imagine that? Sounds like a they’re back in old Jewish works based religion to me.”

Yet as one who has known and watched John Mackay for many decades, he has ways faithfully called us to this walk of obedience, and has personally led by example. In my eyes, John is are one of the heroes of our Faith. And I commend his devotional study guide to Christians of all ages and persuasions ..it will bless you abundantly with the Joy of Christ’.

AGRICULTURALIST SHARES his appreciation for ‘Walking with Jesus Through Genesis’. This is an uplifting devotional book that is Christ centred and true to the Holy Scriptures.  Thank you for calling me to worship the Living Word though its pages, for leading me to gaze upon the Wonder of His Works and encouraging me to Walk in His Wisdom and Will.  Thank you for ministering Christ who speaks and brings light and life from Genesis to Revelation and speaks to me today on every page of this  book – great for personal meditation and growth and to share with other seeking hearts.  Andrew Ewers South Australia.

PROFESSOR WRITES: “I really enjoyed the jumping-off point in Luke 24, which is a great starting point for what you’re doing. The connections and implications you draw out between John 1 and Genesis 1, and other Scriptures, are wonderful. I’ve personally not read anything quite like it. It’s so important to make absolutely clear that the Jesus of the New Testament is the Creator God of the Old, and this work does that very well. l appreciate you taking on both theologians and scientists who demote Scripture from its rightful position of ultimate authority, which is important to do also. l love the idea of pointing out how God always acts with purpose, even to the days He chose to be in the ‘belly of the earth”. Dr Peter John Barber, PhD (Aberdeen), Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Canada.

CHURCH TEACHER: “What a great book! I am looking forward to using it in Sunday School and giving it out as gifts”. Bible Group Leader, Dave Holowaty, Australia