What Happened To The Dinosaurs? Reviews

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PROMINENT AUSSIE EDUCATOR DECLARES: I love the interactivity built into this book. You have done a great job of answering a number of the questions that many of the children will meet at school. Dr Lance Alan Box PhD(Education), MEd(School Leadership), BEd, DipT(Primary), DipPCBM, Dip Biblical Studies(Honours), Cert IV TAE

USA BIOCHEMIST STATES: “Great resource for parents to use with their children regarding the Flood and creation vs evolution. Many interesting ideas about how the dinos died out. Beautiful artwork.” Dr. John G Leslie USA  PhD Bio Chemistry.

12YR OLD YOUNG MAN SHARES: Really cool and very interesting. Good that all the info is in 1 book and I love the comics. It’s an easy read – but not babyish. A big Thumbs Up! It was really good that it’s all about God too! Signed ANDREW

UK MUSEUM GUIDE WRITES: Wow! Excellent!There are several gift stores in the Natural History Museum and British Museum and my Bible tours have areas where they cross over. I would love to sell copies in both museums on the tours! I love the bold colours, mixing of different media types and easy to understand conversations! Great to see Richard Owen, and logical creation explanations. The book has a really friendly feel, and the artwork is exceptional! Jill Baker  Highly Qualified Mum

LUTHERAN PASTOR PETE  STATES: ‘Great work and great promotion for the truth and for the Jurassic Ark Museum. Good answers for kids and adults alike. Loved it.’ 
Peter is a pastor in Fassifern Australia who has long concluded that without Genesis being historic, the whole message of Christ is undermined.

USA MUSIC TEACHER AND HOMESCHOOLING MUM WRITES: My kids and I love What Happened to the Dinosaurs. The pages were beautifully illustrated, filled with fun facts about dinosaurs so that I didn’t have to edit or explain the “millions of years” and constant use of the word “evolution” most dinosaur books have throughout their pages. The story line and change of scenery kept my nearly five year olds engaged, while helping my seven year old remember good scientific facts about fossils that are in line with Scripture. I learned some new facts, too! Noelle Luna M. Mus. plus 4 kids.

REV GENTLEMAN SAYS: The BIG question of dinosaurs, what happened to them? A crucial question in the greater question of the origin of the world. This book is an interesting and informative read. Very colourful graphics of high quality and well presented story line that explains well the demise of the dinosaurs. An added interest for young minds is the 3D technology, should be captivating for young and old alike. Highly recommended as a child’s educational book. Rev Dave Powell Dip Bib Studies. (Former President of Darling Downs Christian Conventions). Currently Pastor Caboolture Wesleyan Methodist Church.

AUSSIE MUM AND NURSE IN UK SAYS: Full of the common questions and misconceptions that need addressing, so having that easily accessible with Godly answers, all so comprehensively, yet simply put is great. Being in the comic style is also appealing to children in the mid years age group. Nadina Dalzeil Bsc RGN, MA, PGCert.

US AUTHOR SAYS: John Mackay, The Creation Guy, has done it again! Like all of the learning materials he’s produced, from books to DVDs, for adults to teens and theologians and scientists to laypeople, “What Happened to the Dinosaurs?” is an excellent resource. Aimed at younger children and their wonderfully inquisitive minds, parents will find it most helpful and so will homeschoolers as well as teachers in public, and private schools. It is well-written, factually solid and consistent with God’s account of creation. Kids will love the marvellous, colourful illustrations and the INTERACTIVE APP literally makes the images jump right off of the pages. Highly recommended. Steve Stranghoener St Louis USA.

UK HOMESCHOOL FAMILY REVIEW: “We really enjoyed reading “What Happened to the Dinosaurs?” It was especially exciting that it was laid out comic book style, which my kids are very keen on! It was so loaded with facts that we all learned new things, too. The facts were relayed in such a clear, simple manner that they were very easy to take in. I think it will help children feel more confident in their belief in Creationism.” Esther Homeschooling Mum UK.

UK HOMESCHOOL MOTHER SAYS: “All in all, a fun, informative book, easy to understand, and with beautiful coloured illustrations. I can only say I wish more things like this had been around when I was younger. A good use of sustainable evidence, written in a way that children can easily understand, for instance dinosaur lungs vs. bird lungs, and how they couldn’t have survived flight. Well done. Gosh, I sound like a teacher, but I can’t think of any less patronising way to put it. Oh, I know. Very cool. Helen Klemperer.